In the light of all the praise and devotion I have given to the mighty film poster on this blog of late, I have decided that it would only be fair to dedicate a similar amount of space and time to the art of the movie trailer and the latest and greatest pledges of what’s to come in cinema land.

So here it is, my definitive round-up of the best ‘coming to a cinema near you soon’ moments sprawling their glittery, Look-at-how-ace-I-look delights over big screen across the country. Film fans, behold:

Terminator Salvation

I love the first two Terminator films with a truly, truly unhealthy passion. Too often do I find myself waking up in the middle of the night, hammering boards to the doors in a  frenzied panic that an unstoppable robot is coming for me, shortly before rolling around on the floor spouting line after line of dialogue like some ungodly incantation. As a result, news of this fourth installment (we shall never, ever speak of the third) got me very excited. Despite hearing that the diabolically poor McG would be directing and star Christian Bale has been unhappy with the production from pretty much day one, this trailer still makes me incredibly happy in all the right ways. I am, perhaps naively, keeping the faith on this one.


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

The sixth installment of the Harry Potter series that, frankly, I don’t know anyone that’s heard of, is due for release in July next year and the darker tones of previous forays into J K Rowling’s world conquering cash-cow seem to be continuing. The trailer for Potter’s latest exploits drips with gloomy, ‘not suitable for younger children’ tones and looks all the better for it in my opinion.



One of the most anticipated comic book adaptations ever, Watchmenis directed by 300 helmer Zach Snyder and based on Alan Moore’s comic of the same name – widely accepted as the Citizen Kane of comics. Trapped in development turmoil for years as producers fought over who owned the film rights, the film looks back on track and this latest trailer looks like it might just be as fantastic as the millions of fans, hell-bent on protecting every aspect of their beloved comic and ensuring it is exactly as Moore imagined it, are hoping for. No pressure.


Star Trek

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a massive Star Trek fan in any respect. nor do I think there’s anything wrong with being a Trekky. But watching this trailer with an open mind it’s hard not to get at least a little bit excited about it. I’ve already spoken on this blog about how much i like director J J Abrams and the way he seems to be genuinely interested in pushing things in different creative directions, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out. There’s a lot to like about this trailer, including a much darker looking Captain Kirk, a greased up Simon Pegg as Scotty and and old and wizened looking Mr Spock. Could this be waht it takes to make Trekking cool again?


The Wrestler

For those in a more serious, Oscar-like frame of mind, Darren Aronofsky’s latest film is already causing a great amount of murmuration in the golden statue circles. The story of a retired pro-wrestler who tries to work his way back into the industry for one final fight, The Wrestler is being praised for star mickey Rourke’s performance in a role which in many ways reflects his own troubled life. From the trailer it’s easy to see why Rourke is getting attention and this feels a lot to me like this year’s Brokeback Mountain.


Monsters Vs Aliens

Next summer is shaping up to be a real animated battleground. As has become the custom, Pixar, Dreamworks and Disney will all be releasing their CGI heavy-hitters at around the same time, although thankfully they do all seem to be different this time. Disney’s Boltand Pixar’s Up look to have been pipped this time around however by Monsters Vs Aliens, which boasts not only the most interesting looking story but also the best cast thanks to the likes of Seth Rogen, Hugh Laurie, Keifer Sutherland, Paul Rudd and Reese Witherspoon. A contender to finally topple Pixar? I think so.


Is there anything you’re particularly excited about at the moment? Any films in the making you can’t wait for? Why not leave a comment below and discuss with other merry film lovers. Marvelous.


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