Interview with Summer writer Hugh Ellis

It’s not often that the dizzying glitz of a film premiere comes to Nottingham. But next week will mark the release of locally shot independent film Summer, with a special Gala Premiere event at the Broadway Cinema.

Summeris the story of two childhood friends, Shaun and Daz. Struggling with school on account of his undiagnosed dyslexia, Shaun battles against the establishment finding the only solace in best mate Daz and his first love Katy. Twenty years later, a wheelchair bound Daz has just eight weeks to live, leading him and Shaun (now Daz’s full-time carer) to relive the memories of their childhood and one particularly memorable summer.

To mark the release of the film, directed by Kenny Glenaan and starring Robert Carlyle, I caught up with the film’s writer and native Bolsover resident, Hugh Ellis, to chat about all things related to the film – shot on location around Bolsover – and the writing process.

You can hear the full interview with Hugh on working with the cast and crew, and how the film came about by clicking the player above.

Summer will be released in selected cinemas across the country on 5th December, with the premiere being held at Nottingham’s Broadway Cinema on 3rd December – featuring the cast and crew of the film.


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