In film Production, no one can hear you scream


Seemingly not satisfied with smashing a train wreck of remakes through some of cinemas most treasured franchises, the powers that be in Hollywood have now decided to bastardise the Alien films furthermore with that dirtiest of words – a prequel.

News broke out last weekthat Ridley Scott’s 1979 horror classic, Alien, will be stained with a prequel – supposedly focusing this time on the crashed space ship which landed John Hurt with a severe abdominal blight in the first film. Although this time around the plot will feature a different kind of alien to the Aliens we know and love.

Now, to me, that sounds like cack, and a complete mar on the franchise – especially if the alien in the new Alien film isn’t an Alien but an alien, because this is a franchise built around H R Giger’s Alien, and fans will be expecting Aliens not aliens. The concept of an alien in an Alien film is, well, just alien. You heard.

Tony Scott will be producing, while advert director Carl Rinsch will take up the directors chair. Slashfilm have put together a compilation of Rinsch’s work here. Call me cynic but as pretty and clever as these ads all are, time has proved that plenty of  shiny effects and flashing lights definitely do not make certain of a good film.

The news comes shortly after Robert Rodriguez announced he would be taking on the Predator franchise, and is currently stuck in to writing Predators – a project I also have my ample share of reservations about.

I’m rapidly running out of patience with vacuous, dull Hollywood remakes and prequels. People with pockets of cash don’t seem to realise that the reason these classic films are still loved so much today is because creative ideas and innovation doesn’t get boring over time – remodelling a great idea and trying to force it into a money making mould does. Very quickly. Sadly, detritus like X-men Origins: Wolverine is looking increasingly safe for guaranteeing box office cash so there doesn’t seem to be any quick road out on the horizon. But really now, Hollywood if you’re listening – start making good films again.


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