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Ridley’s Robin Arrives

15 December, 2009

It has been trapped in development hell for years – mainly due to an intricate casting system which seemed to involve getting into a punch-up with anyone and everyone who may have been unfortunate enough to have auditioned – but the first glimpse of Ridley Scott’s Robin hood has finally arrived on the internet.

Set for release in 2010 (providing you will believe absolutely anything you are told), the Russel Crowe led biopic claims to set our the ‘true’ story of the infamous outlaw and his rise to notoriety.

Now seemingly settled on the title of Robin Hood after seemingly trying out every possible combination of words in the English language, the film also stars Cate Blanchett as Maid Marian and the not-at-all-menacing-looking Matthew Macfayden as The Sheriff of Nottingham.

To be honest, the trailer looks like a more British version of the opening battle scenes of Gladiator, but then that is probably not all bad. Crowe gets to husky grumble a bit in his trademark style, although it’s have any idea if he is attempting an accent having upped the gruff-factor to 11. Clearly Crowe feels Christian Bale needs a run for his money following the last two Batman films.

The trailer looks much darker than I think most people were anticipating, and it certainly shows all the hallmarks of the historical action epic exhibited in Gladiator, Braveheart et al, but I’m reserving judgement until we get more than a minute and a half of moody looking shots in the dark.

You can watch the trailer over at here.

The jury is out on whether or not this Dylan-esque ditty will be included in the update:


I’ll be back… and more excited!

31 March, 2009

Speaking of comebacks… News has reached the technoweb that cinema’s greatest auteur, Sylvester Stallone, has talked the single most incredible action hero of all time  back to the silver screen – Arnold Schwarzenegger!

The Governator has officially signed on the dotted line to take part in Sly’s upcoming testo-frenzy, The Expendables. The film follows a group of nations (led by America, obviously) team up to send an elite squad of their finest soldiers into a generic South American nation to assasinate a corrupt, murderous, evil leader, who has been making people sad, miserable and dead for almost 20 years.

It hasn’t been made clear yet what role Arnie will be playing, and whether it will be a character role or just a cameo (which is probably far more likely, if a little upsetting), but we can be sure that he will join an action fan’s wet-dream of a cast including Sly himself, Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lungdren, Jet Li and Eric Roberts– as well as some fairly solid rumours of 50 Cent, WWE wrestler Steve ‘Stone Cold’ Austin, token pretty lady Charisma Carpenter and the outstandingly brilliant Danny Trejo (with the smart money on him as the bad guy to beat).

Needless to say that this looks absolutely fantastic. If ever there was a pitch that ticked every action film box in the book, added about 20 more, ticked them,  machine gunnned the list, blew it up, delivered a witty one liner and ran off with a pretty girl, then this is it.

In an ode to the Austrian Oak himself, here is the trailer to the 1985 action classic Commando. If you haven’t seen this film, you are not worth knowing.

Somewhere, somehow, someone’s gonna pay…

This week’s picks

10 November, 2008

Welcome back to Chad Cinema and this week’s exhaustive list of all cinematic happenings you should and shouldn’t be paying attention to.

In a typically pre-festive amble, most of the big studios are holding on to what remains of this year’s big hitters until Christmas. And although this typically makes for a great time for lesser known gems to sneak in and hog all the big screen glory, they clearly don’t fancy it this week.

New multiplex releases are led by the epically poor looking Max Payne – another fanboy cash-in of meaningless action, based on the 2001 video game of the same game – which has so far met with let’s say less than raving reviews.

Also out in popcorn wonderland is Zack and Miri Make a Porno, the wittily titled joint venture between comedy brat-pack favourite, Seth Rogen, and director Kevin Smith. I’ve never been completely sold on Seth Rogen’s particular canon of work; when he’s on form it’s great but take him off the boil and the act becomes very tiresome, very quickly. This latest sees Rogen as Zack, broke and living with best friend Miri (Elizabeth Banks) when the pair decide to make a special grown-up film together – in case you hadn’t figured that out from the title.

If you’re after something a little more thought provoking, Steve Mcqueen’s (no, not that one) heavy going, but rewarding Hunger is showing at Nottingham’s Broadway Cinema. which shows the final months of Irish Republican Army activist, Bobby Sands, as he battles against prison guards while on hunger strike in protest of his incarceration. The film won the Camera D’Or award at this year’s Cannes film festival and is the first feature length film from the Brit artist-turned-director, already making waves in the British cinema scene.