Cowboys and Indi…. What?

In a late entry for the weirdest film news of the day award, word has reached the debris-strewn shores of Chad Cinema that Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau has signed up Moon’s Sam Rockwell to star in his upcoming western-meets-sci-fi-invasion flick, Cowboys and Aliens.

The news comes alongside last week’s release of the superhero sequel and will see Rockwell lining up alongside Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde in the film – which sees Apaches and cowboys uniting forces to fend of an invasion of alien attackers in the wild west, obviously.

Rockwell is set to star as Doc, a saloon owner who gives up flogging the sauce to fend off the otherworldly invaders. Rumour has it that the role was originally written for a heavyset beefcake but Favreau amended the part to suit the actor after they got to know each other on the Iron Man 2 set.

Coming tomorrow: Danny De Vito signs in Jolly Green Giant biopic and News of an Orson Welles screenplay for ‘Robin Hood – Zombie Fighter’


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